Street Fashion: Brandon Sharp on South Broadway

Some people just stand out. Whether their style is cutting-edge, quirky or just well-executed, they make you want to know: How do they do it? Because we work for you, dear reader, we're finding out. Each day, we'll hit the streets and talk to one person who catches our eye and makes us look twice. Today, we caught up with Brandon Sharp, who caught our eye with his take on a hipster-ish look that's not so easily categorized: a little bit prep, a little bit punk, a little bit new-wave. Find out how he does it after the jump.

Name: Brandon Sharp Occupation: The Crypt, employee Age: 20

Westword: Where do you get your fashion inspiration? Brandon Sharp: I'd have to say from electronic music, or the club scene in general.

How so? BS: Well, it's my life, and I'm really involved in it. You know, I'm out at the clubs, at The Church or at Bash, and I'm kind of representing myself. It's almost what I have to dress like.

Where do you like to shop? BS: American Apparel, Republic of Couture. Sometimes Guess, I guess. What's your favorite article of clothing you own? BS: I have a wife-beater that has a hood on it. And these pants I'm wearing now, I really like, with the laces on them.

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