Street Fashion: Jonathan Gearhard on the 16th Street Mall

People often make the mistake of taking their professional fashion a little too seriously. Work is work, which means personal style is out of the question, and business attire is just another button-up with a tie. But when modern trends and professional appearance collide, people like Jonathan Gearhard can turn classic business drapes into something a little more vogue. With sleek leather shoes, pinstripe slacks, a gray button-up and ivory tinted suspenders, Gearhard sported his apparel with class and charisma. Name: Jonathan Gearhard Age: 22 Occupation: Retail Manager at Sunglass Hut Westord: What inspires your fashion?

Jonathan Gearhard: Modern trends. I like to mix it together, make it edgy. You know how there are grungy hipsters? I consider myself a clean hipster.

Where do you shop?

Banana Republic, Pac Sun, Express, Hot Topic, Men's Warehouse.

What is it about this outfit in particular that you like?

It shows professionalism, and with the edgy tie-in and suspenders, it gives more of an impression of my own personality.

How does fashion make a statement?

Every piece of fashion has its own personality -- sassy and flashy or subtle and conservative -- depending on the person and the style. It can definitely say a lot.

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