Street Fashion: Leo Barth in Luciano's

At its purest, style is not about adornment but expression. It appropriates what's au courant and fits it to suit the individual, not the other way around. For lack of a better term, it's genuine swag. To Leo Barth, who smirkingly combined dark jeans and a striped hoodie with loud blue sneakers and a pink T-shirt, high fashion evidently means comfort, functionality and, most important, glitter.

Name: Leo Barth Age: 22

Westword: What inspires you, in terms of fashion? Leo Barth: I really respect where I'm from. I like to represent local work. I have a lot of OBEY stuff, some stuff by graffiti artists from L.A., stuff by local dudes.

What do you usually wear? LB: T-shirts and sneakers. These are Vans. It's basically the only kind of shoes I've had since I was, like, three.

That's a pretty great shirt. LB: I have like four different versions of it. One has a unicorn, one has three cats. This one I got at a souvenir shop. It's shimmery.

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