Street Fashion: Rachel at Forever 21

We met Rachel greeting shoppers at the front door at Forever 21 in the Denver Pavilions and liked right off that she was enthusiastic and -- what a surprise! -- actually welcoming. And we loved her 21st-century Sally Bowles look, too, which was picture-perfect, from the bowler hat right down to her screaming red lipstick and heavy black eye-liner, which turned up in little inverted commas at the corners of her pretty eyes. Here's what she had to say about her outfit:

Westword: How did you pick your outfit?

Rachel: They told us that we all had to wear black today, and that we had to cover our shoulders. I knew I wanted to wear this top, so I decided to wear it over a dress.

How would you describe your personal style?

R: I like a balance between vintage and modern looks. I shop a lot at thrift stores, but I also like new clothes that are inspired by a different era, yet don't imitate vintage clothes.

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