Artist Garrett Suydam.EXPAND
Artist Garrett Suydam.
Photo by Mauricio Rocha

Street Style: Artist Garrett Suydam Spotted at HAUS Gaia Fashion Show

Fashion and art go hand in glove. At Michael Sullivan's HAUS Gaia fashion show at Denver Art Society, we ran into local painter and fine artist Garrett Suydam, who embodies that theory in both his style and his work. Suydam was born in Northern California, near the Bay, but has lived in the Denver area since he was five. Even so, there was no fleece in sight in the dressy outfit he assembled the night of the fashion show. Impressed, we stopped to chat with Suydam about his sense of style, his artwork and what inspires his aesthetic.

Garrett Suydam makes dressing an art, too.EXPAND
Garrett Suydam makes dressing an art, too.
Photo by Mauricio Rocha
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"Fashion is an art that you hang on the body instead of the wall," Suydam explains. "There is lazy fashion, just like there are pretty paintings of sailboats. And there is fashion that unhinges expectations and shakes foundations." 

As for art, Suydam jokes, "I paint quickly, with acrylics straight from the tube, although I know it isn't proper." 

More seriously, "I am fascinated by people and always aim to make empathetic art," he continues. "Recently I’ve been internalizing and reflecting on Black Lives Matters, the Body-Positive movement and similar [aesthetics] both personally and in my art."

An acrylic piece by Garrett Suydam titled "Walk the Land."EXPAND
An acrylic piece by Garrett Suydam titled "Walk the Land."
Photo by Mauricio Rocha

Favorite color: "Either azure or violet."

Favorite accessory: "A good knot for my tie. I was playing around with the Prince Albert for that night, but Pratt is my default."

Style inspirations: "For my fashion, it’s all about trying to look classier than I am. I try to include the anachronistic and a hint of androgyny into a more timeless look: '70s Western, mod and dandy. 

Style mantra: "Be bold with your subtleties."

Shops at: "I usually have decent luck at Buffalo Exchange and Boss Unlimited."

These wingtip shoes exemplify Garrett Suydam's dressed-up dandy fashion sense.EXPAND
These wingtip shoes exemplify Garrett Suydam's dressed-up dandy fashion sense.
Photo by Mauricio Rocha

Suydam shows us it's possible to have two distinct styles in your art and fashion. His art explores the human experience, while his style sense is to look refined and sophisticated. His patterned blazer, tie, vest and oxford shoes all work together to achieve this.

Always place profound art on both your body and living space, Denver.

Click here to check out more of Suydam's art. 

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