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Street Style: Crystals, positive energy and a less-is-more mentality

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As the season starts to swelter, street fashion takes a more easy-going, laid-back approach. Yet for these individuals, that doesn't mean compromising on style.

Take a gander at this week's subjects, who are creating their own looks.

Name: Keelyn Ross

Spotted at: 15th and Arapahoe.

Profession: Admissions counselor.

Favorite film: Anything by Jean-Luc Godard. I really enjoyed his last film, Socialisme, which I saw at the Denver Film Center.

iPod favorites: I'm really into these two bands: Holy Other and Made in Heights.

Style inspirations/icons: 1960s fashion and steam-punk as well.

Favorite color: Smokey gray and pale blue.

Favorite accessory: Necklaces and pendants.

Style mantra: Less is more; keep it simple. I believe in minimalism, so if I wear a simple outfit I really play up the accessories.

Take a look inside Keelyn's bag on page 2! "I carry the essentials, like my keys and make-up. But I also carry some random stuff like: parking tickets, a lighter and a couple of items that have sentimental value." One of those random items is a ring bearing Ross's birthstone, a garnet for January. "I believe that crystals and stones can bring positive energy." Another emotional keepsake is a skeleton key that was given to Ross by a friend. "It goes everywhere with me."

Check out the D.I.Y. style of Roman DeMartin on page 3!

Name: Roman DeMartin

Spotted at: 16th and Stout.

Profession: Striving fashion designer.

Favorite film: Funny Girl.

iPod favorites: "Motivation" by Kelly Rowland and "Sunshine Into My Life" by Funkysober.

Style inspirations/icons: Kat VonD, Lady Gaga and Ke$ha.

Favorite color: I don't have one. I love them all equally.

Favorite accessory: Sunglasses. They're both functional and fashionable. Plus, I can hide my eyes if i don't get enough sleep.

Style mantra: Fashion goes in waves of in and out, but good style and taste are forever; they're timeless. Before I leave the house I always ask myself if I look ridiculous.

Click over to check out what's in Roman's bag!

A bag within a bag. A taped-up and redesigned Urban Outfitters tote conceals a black leather Ben Sherman bag. This budding fashion designer specializes in high-end women's wear. He usually carries his sketch book, but we caught him on an off-day. All of the necessities go everywhere with DeMartin: two bottles of H2O, wallet, phone and iPod chargers, portable speakers, keys, lighters and cigarettes. "I never leave the house without cologne. I'm addicted to the stuff. This scent is Paris Hilton for men."

Style analysis: Even when things heat up, it's possible to remain fashionable -- but keep it simple Keelyn carries sacred objects with her, and plays up accessories: a canvas bag, aviator shades and a metal cuff. Roman creates his own look by cutting up T-shirts and having his friends paint his shoes.

Stay inspired and true to yourself, Denver, even in the most volcanic temperatures.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.