Street Style: Disney's Stitch Is an Out-of-This-World Trend in Denver

The extraterrestrial cartoon character named Stitch is clearly gaining popularity in Denver; we recently spotted the image a couple of times on the street. Keep reading to learn why this 2002 Disney film is relevant again, and where to get all your Lilo and Stitch fashion and merchandise. See also: Musician Dylan Lenz in the Menswear Street-Style Spotlight We spotted Tavi Johnson, a Denver native who's a senior at Emily Griffith High School, on Broadway at 16th Street, decked out in her Stitch gear. "Stitch is adorable and he is my favorite thing ever. I love him," says Johnson. "Lilo and Stitch is my favorite film and my favorite color is blue. I like alternative fashion: emo and scene fashion." Johnson bought all of the items in this look from Hot Topic, including her wallet, hoodie, T-shirt and beanie. Sabe Taylor is a student at Emily Griffith as well, studying culinary arts. We spotted him wearing a military-inspired outfit with a Stitch accessory: his backpack. "I don't have any style icons, but most of the time I dress in a skater style," Taylor says. "I watch lots of ninja movies. My street style can be random sometimes. I just throw stuff together that I feel looks good."

Never be afraid to start your own fashion trend, Denver -- even if it's based on a thirteen-year-old Disney character.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.