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Street Style: Domino Pastore Rocks Red Heels on Champa

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This week we discovered dancer, self-employed top-hat maker and production-company manager Domino Pastore in a vibrant outfit on 16th and Champa streets. "I do a lot of performances with other artists, and my partner and I are about to start doing a play with aerialists and jugglers. Rather than a traditional theater, it's like a dance party," says Pastore, who is also an alternative model. She's originally from Galveston. 
Pastore cites Helena Bonham Carter as a style influence; she says she finds the actress's role as Marla Singer in the film Fight Club particularly inspiring. "I relate a lot to Marla Singer," she says. "I just want someone to talk to, and no one understands where I'm coming from. I love Helena in Sweeney Todd and in the new Cinderella, where she played the Fairy Godmother. I also liked Hercules, The Little Mermaid and Cinderella a lot when I was a little kid." Here you can see the tattoo bearing an image of her name: Domino. Her vest features a gold crest that contrasts nicely with her colorful dreaded hair.
This head-to-toe look is laced with accents of red and gold with black. "Tank Girl is a fashion inspiration of mine," adds Pastore. "I like Kiera Knightly, mostly because of her roles in films like Domino and the fact that she is a strong female in most of her roles. Top hats are my favorite accessory, along with shoes, jackets and sunglasses."
Pastore's red high heels are a gift from her mother. "I love these velvet shoes from Wish.com. It's an app. I also shop at Forever 21, H&M and Buffalo Exchange. I like thrift stores a lot because you can find amazing things for cheap. There is a website I love called Meowingtons, which has a bunch of cat-themed fashion."  
This cat-shaped bag from Meowingtons follows Pastore's aesthetic: "I am a feline," she says. Her style mantra? "Are you ready to be a boss today? Also, this may sound cliche, but Ruby Rose from Orange Is the New Black and the whole urban-chic thing is really great. She has androgynous swag from hell," says Pastore.
Here you can see the intricate details of Pastore's fan, choker and sunglasses. Of her style philosophy, Pastore says, "The way I like to think about my personal aesthetic is that I don't look like anyone else. If I see two separate things that don't match, I put them together, because usually it comes out awesome. My advice to people trying to be fashion-savvy is don't be. Just be yourself. It does't matter what you do, as long as you make yourself happy."

Always be yourself, especially in your dress, Denver. 

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