Street Style: Entrepreneur Cassiana Moore Spotted at Imprints by Whorl Fashion Show

Cassiana Moore is the owner of The Knockout Girl, a Brazilian fitness-wear brand with an online store. We spotted her at Imprints by Whorl, a fashion show featuring Whorl's new line made at the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design and funded by Indiegogo. There was hot fashion both on and off the runway on the rooftop deck of the Inn at Cherry Creek — but no one looked hotter than Moore. We stopped to chat with the sportswear designer about her eye-catching ensemble, where she shops, and what inspires her knockout style. 
Moore moved to Denver eight years ago but has been living in this country for fourteen years; still, her native Brazil continues to influence her fashion sense. "Coming from a family of fashion lovers, my family and my native roots have inspired my style to be edgy, unique and, most important of all, always feel good with what I'm wearing," Moore explains. "As they say, 'When you look good, you feel good.' Brazilian fashion can be exotic as a general rule. The clothing is more fitted to the body, accentuating the curves. It is common to wear colorful and unique patterns, daring yet tasteful. The Brazilians are dressed to impress most of the time."
"I wanted to wear The Knockout Girl leggings at the fashion show to demonstrate how versatile these leggings can be," she adds. "So I paired the leggings with a dressy sleeveless jacket, grabbed my go-to Rebecca Minkoff purse, and wore my favorite fringe shoes to complete the appropriate look for the event." That teal bag with gold hardware matches her nude and turquoise color scheme.
Shoes are Moore's favorite accessory. "Shoes are my passion," she says. "They are as important as the outfit and can make a statement alone." How does she describe her overall style? "Confident, unique and attractive." 
Moore continues: "Fashion and style, in my opinion, are an expression of yourself and your mood, acceptance of your body and an understanding of your surroundings. Self-confidence is my best outfit." 
She borrows her style mantra from Coco Chanel: “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself," Moore relates. She likes to shop at Polyvore, "now my favorite place to get inspired. It’s the world's largest commerce website, where you can shop for things you love," she says. 

Like Moore, always be inspired by your past when styling yourself, Denver. 

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