Street Style: Haberdasher Brianna Corn Spotted at 303 Fashion Weekend

Life imitates art and art imitates life. We found proof of this with Denver native, digital designer and part-time haberdasher Brianna Corn, who delivered a contemporary take on Annie Hall at the 303 Fashion Weekend last month. Corn describes her style as "artsy, tomboy, grunge," and while rands like Burton walked the catwalk, Corn stole the show with her Woody Allen-heroine look. "I thought the fashion show was pretty interesting," she says. "I had never been to a fashion show featuring athletic and leisurewear products and outerwear before. It was definitely a lot of fun." So was chatting with Corn, as she told us what inspires her fashion sense and where she shops. 
Style inspirations and icons: My best friend is a fashionista and has had an influence on my style since we were twelve years old. Diane Keaton in Annie Hall is one of my fashion aspirations; she's so damn cool.

Shops at: I mostly shop at thrift stores, and funny enough, my aunt's closet.

Style mantra: When I'm unsure of an outfit, I usually give myself the finger and say, "Wear it anyway!" Those are usually my best outfits, too!

Favorite accessory:  My triangle necklace that I made four years ago; I can't leave the house unless I am wearing it. I am always wearing a hat, too.

Favorite color: Green is by far my favorite color.

Always allow your favorite films and art to inspire your fashion sense, Denver. 

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