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Street Style: Merida Teot on Tattoos as Fashion and Art

An all-black outfit may be stylish, but when you're dressing in a single color palette, you have to pay attention to the details. We spotted fellow blogger and stylist Merida Teot — who describes her style as "color meets local chic" — at the Whorl Imprints fashion show in Cherry Creek North. A Colorado native, Teot says she's lived in the "Boulder valley, to the mountains, to a few years in the northeast for school. Colorado is the greatest state in the Union and Denver is the best city. I am in absolute in love with it." We stoppd to chat with Teot about what she was wearing, what inspires her fashion and where she shops. Profession: Wardrobe stylist, retail assistant, director of bus operations for Whorl shop, blogger, fun seeker.

Style inspirations and icons: Local bloggers, color, menswear, Lauren Conrad, Whitney Port .
Favorite accessory: Jewelry. Specifically, I prefer handmade and local jewelers. Even more specifically, my dad's designs, 'cause he has made jewelry for thirty years and I love everything he does. I am also very partial to Native Clutter, Sparkle and Stone, and Landmine Design.

Favorite color: Purple and green! But I love color, and try really hard not to wear a lot of neutrals. 

Style mantra: What am I doing today? What is the weather? What is my mood, and what can I wear to show that I am me, and I am stylish and happy in my skin? Shops at: Whorl, Inspyre. I really try and stay local, but i do have a soft spot for Target and other chain stores.

Tattoos: I believe tattoos are a form of self-expression, and fashion is the same. Fashion is art, tattoos are literally art on your body. I even have bought clothes and styled clothes around my tattoos. My tattoos are my stories, and I love to tell stories.

Like Teot, always tell the best story you can with your fashion, Denver. 

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.