Street Style: Musician Diego Florez Rocks on Broadway

Rock and roll, Denver! The Golden Triangle was the site of the annual Westword Music Showcase at the end of June, and in addition to hearing great music, we saw a lot of great festival style, including a standout menswear look sported by musician Diego Florez, a Colorado native raised on the Northside. "Currently I'm a landscaper and road-dog musician. But during the school year, I'm a music teacher with Youth on Record," says Florez. "I love teaching students with a similar journey to mine. I was always a fast learner, but a social one as well." During a break in the musical action, we stopped to chat with Florez about music, fashion, style and more.  Florez describes his style as "intentional, expressive and ready to rock." Although he dresses in shades of black, there's plenty of style in the details. His striped bag resembles a serape; his button-up shirt is paisley-printed like a bandanna. His amethyst jewelry and the flower in his hat are personal touches that show off his roots.

Here's more from Florez on his look:

Style inspirations and icons: "
I enjoy the ’60s and ’70s style that rock stars used to wear. I love to stay true to my roots and wear pieces that display my heritage and where my vessel comes from."

Shops at: "I love the Goodwills. My grandmother always used to take me to get clothes. Nowadays my older cousin gives me a lot of my clothes."

Favorite accessory: "My amethyst. It was given to me and made by a brother, Fulani Malik, who sold jewelry inside of the Gypsy House cafe about once a year on his tour around the U.S. It was given to me after a badass show there at the Gypsy."
Favorite colors: "It has to be white, indigo and turquoise."

Favorite band at the Showcase: "Due to the power outage, true greatness was achieved. I loved Wheelchair Sports Camp for rocking it on the sidewalk and keeping it live, bringing unity to our community."

Summer anthem: "'Mocochete,' by Los Mocochetes." 
Never be afraid to let your fashion rock, Denver.
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Mauricio Octavio Rocha graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2014 with a bachelor's degree in English writing and a minor in cinema studies; He has been writing about fashion and style for Westword since 2012. Rocha also writes songs for his music and art project, VULGAR FEVER.
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