Street Style: Palynn Earven's Nature-Inspired Fashion

Summer arrives Sunday, and Denver street style is heating up. We spotted aspiring herbalist Palynn Earven on the pedestrian bridge in Riverfront and chatted with her to learn where she shops, what she thinks about fur, and what inspires her style. 
Earven cites earth tones as a favorite color palette and loves to wear this second-hand fur. "On the odd side of wearing fur, it’s a dramatic look, so it draws in all kinds of attention — complimentary and not-so-complimentary," she says. "People seem to have very intense opinions about the wearing of fur; a few that I have come in contact with feel their mission in life is to bag on those wearing furs for being animal murderers. I understand that this comes from a place of caring and having respect for animals; I too have such a place."  
"The way I see it, I wouldn’t buy fur from a fur-trade company or as a first-time use, but I do buy mine from thrift stores and antique stores. In this way I am not contributing to the market for killing animals in inhumane ways simply for their beautiful coats," she adds. "These animals died and their precious gifts of fur shouldn’t be wasted. I see wearing fur as a way to draw on the strength of the animal I am wearing, on their spirit and bringing myself closer to nature. If there are haters of fur-wearing, I can understand the initial flame that sparks such an emotion."
These knee-high brown leather boots are from True Love on South Broadway.
This medicine pouch is made from rabbit fur and it goes everywhere with Earven; it's filled with different stones to help her feel more centered and grounded in any situation. 

Always allow nature to inspire your fashion, Denver. 

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Mauricio Octavio Rocha graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2014 with a bachelor's degree in English writing and a minor in cinema studies; He has been writing about fashion and style for Westword since 2012. Rocha also writes songs for his music and art project, VULGAR FEVER.
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