Street Style: Photographer Patrick Haney Spotted at Union Station

While passing through Union Station, we spotted some some serious style sported by up-and-coming photographer Patrick Haney, who works at Family Affair, a boutique and barbershop in downtown Denver. We stopped to chat with Haney about his personal style, what inspires his fashion, and where he shops. 
A Denver native, Haney graduated from North High School. "I go to Metropolitan State University of Denver part-time right now," he says. "I've been doing photography for four or five years. I interned for Akomplice and then I interned for Michael Dye at Jiberish. I'm getting more into fashion photography. I would like to make clothes one day, but I need to learn how." 
The leather biker jacket is from Top Man; Haney's two shirts are by Supreme and Midnight Studios and his white jeans are by BLK DNM. "Fashion is the greatest form of art, and when people get dressed they express themselves," Haney notes. "Everyone judges everyone based on how they dress."  

"My girlfriend bought me these checkerboard lace-ups from Vans. They usually only make these in the slip-ons, so it was a great gift," says Haney. Here's more from Haney:

Favorite accessory: "Probably my Acne Studios sunglasses. I wear them a lot and they match with everything. I bought them from the Acne Studios website last Christmas. "

Favorite color: "My favorite color to wear is black. My favorite color in general is forest green. "

Style inspirations and icons: "My mentor Michael Dye, for sure. He keeps me looking good. I buy some clothes from him on the low sometimes. Sean Pablo, who skates for Supreme, has really great style. I get inspiration from everyone.  Most people who dress cool, even homeless people, have great style and don't even know it. Style is something you are born with, and that you can't buy. What Raf Simons did for Dior and what Hedi Slimane did for Saint Laurent is amazing. I also like to go on Hype Beast and Tumblr to see what's going on with fashion."

Shops at: "I shop mostly online. I am pretty privy to brands, and brands do matter to me, but I don't have a wardrobe full of Saint Laurent. My budget doesn't match my taste level at this point. It's okay to save up for some high-end pieces sometimes. I wear a ton of Supreme."

Style mantra: "I want to look like a rock star today. I want people to think I'm an '80s new-wave rock band. That's kind of my whole aesthetic right now."

Haney has a monochromatic perspective on style and fashion: Either you have it or you don't. And he definitely does, displaying all the traits of a budding fashionista as he takes style cues from local boutiques, brands and fashion insiders, mixing high-end pieces — like the Acne Studios shades — with street-wear to make a look all his own. 

Never be afraid to learn the rules of the fashion game from those around you, Denver. 

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.