Street-Style Special: Eclectic Menswear Looks From New York Fashion Week

If you are not a season ahead, you are a season behind. We learned this basic rule of fashion while at New York Fashion Week, which showed work from designers' Spring/Summer 2016 collections. On September 13, we attended the Essence Street Style Block Party, which went down in DUMBO. The acronym stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, which is near Brooklyn Bridge Park in Brooklyn and has a scenic view of the Big Apple. In DUMBO, we spotted some amazingly stylish tribes of young men who contributeto the melting pot of art and culture that is New York. So instead of showing local street-wear this week, we're presenting style stories straight from New York. Gentlemen of Denver, take notes on how to add some character to your wardrobe.
Name: Jamar Hooks

Profession: I work for the city of New York. 

Where are you from? Brooklyn via the Bronx

What brought you to the Essence Street Style Block Party ? An opportunity to establish friendships and connections with some of the most stylish black people in NYC.

Who designed your outfit? The shoes are by Yves Saint Laurent, the jacket is by Gucci, the belt is by Calvin Klein, the jeans are by [John] Galliano. 

How would you describe your style in three words? Urbane with an edge.

Who or what inspires your style and fashion sense? My mood defines what I'm wearing. When I mean business, I wear all-black.

Where do you shop at? I enjoy thrifting for treasures and vintage pieces. But you can find me at men's boutiques and big department stores from time to time.

What is your style mantra? I always say, "What's the temperature today?"

What is your favorite accessory? A haircut and a smile.

What is your favorite color? Pink.

Website: Instagram.com/jamarhooks Name: London Bambi

Profession: Fashion designer/stylist

Where are you from? Chicago.

What brought you to the the Essence Street Style Block Party? I just came out for a Sunday fun-day with my boyfriend. Plus, I wanted to celebrate fashion week.

Who designed your outfit? The T-shirt is designed by me. It's from my clothing line, Black Balloon. The jeans are JBrand and the jacket was a vintage find.

How would you describe your style in three words? Rock star. Worn. Luxe.

Who or what inspires your style and fashion sense? Life, my mother and the shade black.

Where do you shop at? Barney's New York, and Trash and Vaudeville for most of my wardrobe.

What is your style mantra? Beauty and agony go side by side. You can't have one without having the other. I used to hate getting attention for the way I dressed, because I never dressed for attention. I just wanted to feel and look good. I'm a little bit more relaxed now when strangers take my pictures, because I see fashion as a shared art.

What is your favorite accessory? My Balenciaga weekender [bag]. 

What is your favorite color? Outside of black, it's cobalt blue.

Website: blackballoon70.com
Designer Bambi models his many silver rings, bracelet and nail polish of cobalt blue — his favorite color. The T-shirt he designed includesmany tiny safety pins that create an afro-punk aesthetic. 

All types of people attended the Essence Street Style Block Party. 

Don't be afraid to gain inspiration from another city for your own street style, Denver. 

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