Street Style: SuperMagick's Jenny Anderson Makes Pink Pop at Artopia

The 22nd annual Artopia celebrated Denver's art scene last Saturday with an extravaganza at City Hall featuring music, art and fashion, including designs from D'Lola Couture, AnnaFesta, Gino Velardi, Denver Bespoke, Mona Lucero, Equillibrium, Elyse Rainbolt, YOCISCO and Leon Designs. But there were also some stunning outfits in the crowd, and Jenny Anderson was a standout in the packed venue. Admissions advisor for the Art Institute of Colorado, she's also the lead vocalist for a local funk band, SuperMagick.  

Originally from Boston, Anderson has called Denver home for nine years. "I sing in an eight-piece funk band named SuperMagick with eight dudes," she says. "That influences my personal style because I have to stand out.  That has pushed me more to wear things that catch the eye because I need to grab people's attention when I'm singing. I have that opportunity and I need to take advantage of it. Drunk people may not remember what they hear all the time, but they will remember what they see. I want them to see something they like as well." 

Keep reading to learn more about Anderson's style and sensibilities:
Style mantra: "I like to wear things that stand out.  Whether it's a color or a particular look or whatever, I have always been someone who doesn't like to blend into the crowd.  When I'm getting ready, I want to wear something that looks very striking and people know I have the confidence to wear it."

Style inspirations and icons: "I pay a lot of attention to New York Fashion Week on Instagram and social media. I love this bohemian-chic look happening, but in a polished kind of way. You can have that effortless feel, but still look put together. "

Favorite color: "
Red." Favorite accessory: "I would have to say bracelets or watches." 

Shops at: "Anthropology, Urban Outfitters, J. Crew and Forever 21. Shopping online is always a gamble. I try to buy things online but sometimes the sizing sucks.  I shop Nasty Gal online, but I end up returning half and keeping half."
Of Artopia's signature Whiteout fashion show, Anderson says: "I was amazed there were so many people to see this. I was sitting in the third row and could barely see the runway. I didn't know so many people were into fashion here. In terms of designers, out of the nine, I have met YOCISCO personally. He had a great reaction from the audience. The plus-sized models also had an amazing choreographed routine and that made the crowd clap and cheer.: 

Anderson caught our attention with her pink shift dress and a style that echoes Debbie Harry from Blondie; the energetic hot pink adds a dose of color to a sophisticated black ensemble. Anderson's look is simple, clean and effective: This frontwoman uses her fashion to direct the audience's eyes to where they belong — on her.

Like Anderson, never be afraid to stand out and captivate your audience with your look, Denver. 
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Mauricio Octavio Rocha graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2014 with a bachelor's degree in English writing and a minor in cinema studies; He has been writing about fashion and style for Westword since 2012. Rocha also writes songs for his music and art project, VULGAR FEVER.
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