Street style: What's in your bag? Novels, sandwiches and more!

While many people laid out by the pool or devoured BBQ on Memorial Day weekend, wearing nothing more than a bathing suit or old T-shirt and shorts, true street fashion never takes time off.

For proof, look no further than these stylistic movers and shakers we found downtown over the holidays, who create their own looks every day of the week.

Name: Kat Salvaggio.

Spotted at: 17th and Curtis.

Profession: Art student at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design.

Favorite film: I love all of Wes Anderson's films, but I love The Royal Tenenbaums the most.

iPod favorites: Anything by the band Throbbing Gristle.

Style inspirations/ icons: Messing with the functionality of trash and class, mixing the two and playing with the norms.

Favorite color: Black because it's versatile. I wear at least one black item at all times.

Favorite accessory: Anything gold.

Style mantra: I need to be comfortable at all times.

Shops at: I mostly shop at second-hand stores. I like Safari Seconds, ARC, Goodwill and get things second-hand from friends. I avoid non-profit chain consignment stores.

Check out what's in Kat's purse on page 2!

"I'm mostly I'm inspired by mid-'80s new-wave culture in terms of fashion. I try to avoid things with logos on them and shop consciously, no sweatshop-condoned labels," says Kat. She carries two bags most days: today it's a patterned floral print purse that came from the ARC in Lakewood, as well as a black leather bag as well. Let's see what's inside...

Good old-fashioned lunch: oriental-flavored Ramen Noodles and PB&J. This is the diet that fuels most college students and starving artists. Kat is a combination of both. This is Kat's sketchbook that goes everywhere with her, so when inspiration comes, she can capture it. "When I was fifteen years old and full of angst, I thought all ideas came from a pencil. That's when I got my first tattoo," she says. With her sketchbook and proper pencil, Kat will surely never miss an idea.

Discover the style of Adam Ward on Page 3!

Name: Adam Ward.

Spotted at: 16th and Curtis.

Profession: Salesman and musician. I play the cello and sing and rap as well.

Favorite film: I really enjoyed all of the 1980s and early 1990s A Nightmare on Elm Street movies with Robert Englund. The remake doesn't compare to the original.

iPod favorites: Kid Cudi, his Man on the Moon albums and his new band, WZRD, as well. One of my favorite tracks by him is a song called "The Prayer."

Style inspirations/ icons: I try to be myself and wear whatever feels natural, depending on my mood that day or at the moment.

Favorite colors: Navy blue and blood red.

Favorite accessory: Sunglasses. I have about ten pairs. I like how they are fashionable and hide the bags under my eyes after a long night.

Style mantra: Do I look like a sexy motherfucker?

Shops at: Hot Topic, Zumiez and Hollister. My favorite mall is the Colorado Mills mall.

An awesome steampunk-y necklace Ward picked up at Independent Records. A belt that says "DGK ALL DAY." This is a skateboarding company founded by Stevie Williams, and DGK is an acronym for Dirty Ghetto Kids.

Take a look inside Adam's backpack on page 4!

A backpack can conceal many things -- like sporting equipment or school work -- but what do stylish guys on the street carry? Let's find out... Peeps is a 2005 novel by Scott Westerfeld that revolves around a parasite that causes people to become cannibalistic and frightened by their former loved ones. "I like reading hardcopy books still, even though most people have moved on to e-books," says Ward. The sign of a true fashionista: you carry a back-up outfit. "I like this baseball T because it has some California flavor. I never know when I may have to change clothes, so I keep a spare," says Ward.

Style analysis: When the country takes a day off, style thrives. Kat Salvaggio designs her own exterior by revitalizing second-hand steals. Adam Ward marches to the beat of his own cello by mixing cliches: the clean-cut appeal of Hollister, skater belts and eclectic record-store accessories.

Define your own style, Denver, and honor it every day.

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