Stripping zombies! It's The Return of Zombielesque at Bar Standard

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Like a zombie from the grave, a good burlesque emcee is impossible to keep down, and Cora Vette is a superb burlesque emcee. So it was inevitable that she'd be bringing back last year's smash hit Zombielesque! for another run. Changing locations from Bender's Tavern to Bar Standard -- and dates from once-a-month-on-Thursday to every-week-on-Wednesday -- the inaugural Humpday Burlesque last week brought in the biggest crowd Burlycute has ever seen. (See the slide show here.)

"It was awesome," Vette confirms. And the next two shows are bound to be even more awesome.

"The space is swanky and deco," she notes. "I believe I'll have boys in leather. We've got different people, a few of the same numbers, but by and large it seems like three-quarters of the show is new."

No good madam would give away all her secrets at once, but she did share a few tidbits to entice lovers of burlesque (and boylesque, new to Burlycute!) in the door.

"We have more people this year," she says, "and we added some boys -- we're easing them in. It'll still be by and large a girl show, with maybe a boy number in every act, just for something different and a little something for the ladies."

And there's way too much to contain in just two acts. "We'll do three acts instead of two," Vette confirms. "What was interesting to see last week is that people are so engaged that they don't get up to get a drink! So I said, let's do two intermissions, because people's brains fry, and that way they can get up, stretch, get a cocktail. It's a pretty big night.

"I am going to be doing a really cool number with one of the girls," she adds. While Vette sings Evanescence's "My Immortal," there will be a gorgeous, strip-teasey lyrical dance on stage. (Never fear: Clothes will still be removed.)

"You're going to see zombies, of course," Vette continues. "Zombie prom queens, zombie turn-of-the-century, one of the girls is going to be a zombie Titanic person, and we've got some stuff that's not zombie. We've got spider-fan dances, the big bathtub with blood -- it remains to be seen if we can do that on stage. We have a girl coming out of a body bag, and then devils and a swamp girl, goth vampire victims, ghosts' revenge, mad scientists."

And Vette was one of the big winners in the Denver Center Theatre Company's costume sale. "I bought this giant cloak of white gauzy fabric dipped in blood, so I was able to repurpose that," she enthuses.

In conclusion, "there will be some fun stuff," Vette notes, "but also a lot of skin-peeling and other disturbingly sexy things. The second show is going to be half-new again, so people could go to both and not see the same show at all. We've got an even bigger smorgasbord of flesh!"

On that smorgasbord over both weeks will be Vivienne VaVoom, Lily D'Lovely, Eve Harmony, Ms. P. Cocque, Dew Liscious, Cherry Pop Pop Poppins, Frangelica Love, Whoopsie Daisy, LaPetite Mort, plus a couple of recently graduated students from Vivienne VaVoom's School of Burlesque, as well as boylesque from Chaps Nightcaps, Alabama Slammer and Drop Anchor. Rawr!

After the show, stick around for Cora Vette's Naughty Bits -- she has a ridiculous and amazing catalogue of vintage songs about sex and drugs that will be accompanied by the Arvada Center's David Nehls on piano. "It could turn into a three-hour show for $15, which is kind of great," Vette says. Kind of is an understatement!

For information, visit http://burlycute.com.

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