Student Craig Monte James spotted outside the Mayan

Men do not always put their outfits together with masculinity in mind. For some men fashion is conceptual -- as is the case with student Craig Monte James, spotted wearing overalls on Broadway. Keep reading to learn his favorite film, what inspires his fashion, and where he shops.

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Name: Craig Monte James.

Spotted at: First and Broadway, outside the Mayan.

Profession: I'm a student right now. I go to UCD, but I just applied to Juilliard -- so I hope that goes well.

Favorite film: Lost in Translation. I love Sofia Coppola. She hits those notes.

2014 jam: "Avant Gardner" by Courtney Barnett.

Style inspirations/icons: Most of my style icons are women: Alexa Chung, Chloë Sevigny and Isabella Blow. Isabella was fucking outrageous. She dressed unapologetically and with a concept. I also grew up in England, and some of my fashion inspiration comes from those cool British kids there.

Favorite accessory: My backpack and the red cherry-with-a-baby-inside keychain. I got the keychain at Toy Tokyo in Alphabet City in Manhattan recently.

Favorite color: Green. Always green.

Style mantra: This is not for you. Sometimes some people dress for approval or they worry about what others will say. I say, "This is not for you. This is for C.M. James's eyes only."

Shops at: I mainly troll around vintage and thrift stores. Every now and then I dip into an H&M or Urban Outfitters. I'm not into the concept of fast fashion, though. I find the treasures I wear second-hand.

This shirt has a floral collar detail. "Men who design menswear just to reassert the idea of masculinity is bullshit," says James. "If you want to dress to get laid, you should just go out naked. Dress for yourself." These galaxy-printed oxfords round out an avant-garde look that is proper, subversive and and simultaneously full of personality. They also add a dose of color to the outfit.

If we catch you wearing expressive menswear, Denver, you could be spotted next.

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