Stuff white people in Denver like

Christian Lander, author of the popular website and book series Stuff White People Like, will be at the Tattered Cover, Lodo on Thursday to promote his newest book, Whiter Shades of Pale. Unlike the broad strokes of his previous endeavors, Lander's new book takes a closer look at the stuff white people like in different regions. Boulder made his list, but Denver didn't, so we went ahead and copped his style to throw together a quick Denver primer.

Overview: Depending on whom you ask, Denver has somewhere between 245 and 300 days of sunshine a year, meaning the residents will consistently complain and whine when a cloud overshadows their morning commute. While residents vehemently deny the rumors of Denver being a cowpoke town, they also embrace cultural cues such as lining the city with hundreds of cow sculptures and erecting a massive horse near the airport.

Strengths: Able and willing to drive in any type of weather.

Weaknesses: Although reportedly "green-friendly," residents will often drive their 22mpg SUVs up to the mountains on a moment's notice.

Secret Shame: Doesn't actually like DeVotchKa.

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