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Stupid ad of the week: Burger King's musical chauvinism

Advertising agencies work tirelessly to come up with new ways to tell us the same thing over and over again: "Hey, buy our shit. Don't you want to be happy?" Thankfully though, there are always a few ridiculous ads that cause us to take pause and appreciate the stupidity of the human race, whereupon we may feel better about our own intelligence. This week, Burger King attempts to make us all feel nice and fuzzy inside and succeeds at being incredibly sexist.

This ad claims the community adhesive that is Burger King basically makes the world go 'round, with the handsome blue-color white man marching alongside the black, dapper-suited gent. The mailman has an Asian wife? Thank God. Here honey, take my bag, it's man time at Burger King. Gather the troops, you've heard the call. Burger King celebrates the American way while reinforcing sexism and narrow-minded gender roles. It's all in good fun. America, we've come so far.

Though the picture painted here may seem innocuous, it's really quite offensive. Here's a translation:

"Yes everyone, let us join hands: rich and, well, less rich; black and white, in a joyous march toward satiety. We will go together; drop what you're doing and fall in line. Come one, come all--but men only. We're a bunch of men here, plus the forgettable EMT lady, but she doesn't count because she's not hot."

"Now, there's the sex appeal; the object of every man's desire: the doctor's daughter from down the street, what's she doing up this early? Maybe she'll spray herself with that hose. Damn, what I wouldn't like to do to...oh shit there's a tree! Well, forget about that, we must eat!"

Men and women alike should be insulted by this ad, which purports that the only thing more present on a man's mind than devouring some greasy food is a stereotypically glorified young woman whose sole purpose in life is to look good and drink iced lattes.

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Ben Dayton
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