Stupid ad of the week: Champ Thai Drink Co.'s working man

Thankfully, foolishness is a worldwide phenomenon. Otherwise when we would see another culture's advertising on the internetz we might feel all dumb by comparison and end up sending them angry emoticons in their comment boxes -- because we all know Emoticon is the universal language. But since people are crazy everywhere, we should all be able to get along. Yes, countries from Canadia to Thailand have their fair share of humorous stupidity. Witness this commercial from Champ Thai Drink Co. and feel a sense of worldwide camaraderie well up inside you.

Anyone else jealous of those stoplight timers? Here's a charming advert from across the seas about the virtues of working hard and jumping at every opportunity. That, of course, requires being attentive at all times, which means constantly being hopped up on caffeine and never sleeping. That's a concept that spans almost all cultures. What doesn't span all cultures is this coffee's brand name. Imagine them trying to export their version of coffee energy to the USA. A company's enthusiastic call for consumers to "Black Up!" might not go over quite so well in the States.

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