Stupid ad of the week: Pfister's dreamy dream beds

Modern commercials rely on our collective impressions of happiness to catch our attention and tell us our lives aren't good enough. This stupid ad from Pfister furniture does that with an almost sickeningly chummy, romantic dinner scene -- but it has a twist, which is both slightly funny and slightly gloom-inducing. So sit back, relax and let the ennui slowly settle in.

Sidenote: Pfister and Pfizer should do a collaborative super commercial. That would be something.

As usual, this advert cloaks a feeling of general dissatisfaction with a fantasy of something better. Nothing is ever good enough, because if we were all satisfied, we wouldn't need to buy more things to fill the ever-widening void in our souls, and then our economy would implode, and we'd really have something to be unhappy about.

(Actually, we'd probably just shift ever more into a service economy where resources were used more efficiently and products were made without built-in obsolescence, thus saving us from the impending doom of over-consumption that threatens to crumble the very foundation of civilization. That doesn't really solve our escapism problem, though.)

But thanks to Pfister, there's a cure for all that nonsense! Pfister is your escape hatch from the miserable life you've created through a long chain of poor choices based on the beguiling promise of marital happiness and your indoctrinated hopes to achieve the mirage that is The American Dream. Alas, if you are doomed to live a joyless life with a slob husband, at least you can buy this bed where every night you can escape your shitty life for a few precious hours to dream about teaching hunks to eat with chopsticks without being disturbed. At least there's that. Thanks Pfister!

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