Stupid ad of the week: Sky TV's maniacal mower lady

While most television commercials pander to humanity's desire for love, affection and acceptance, some ads go straight for our most primal instinct -- that is, to employ a lawn mower for transportation to wonderful far-off climes in search of our 'happy place,' while carelessly wreaking havoc on our fellow man, leaving our worries and a wake of exquisite destruction behind.

Our friends from Sky TV in New Zealand show us that people really are the same everywhere you go. But since most of us can't do what this brave soul does without serious repercussions, Sky TV is there to help us live out our maniacal fantasies vicariously through a jolly, middle-aged woman merrily wrecking shop on the hapless heroes who populate the entertainment world.

She's a maniac. She does not care. She's in her happy place, and, like any human drugged into euphoria by mind-numbing television, she's a complete lunatic on a motorized lawn mower. That's why we love her. Keep on mowin', sister.

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