Stupid ad of the week: Snickers shark attack!

When you are introducing a new product to the populace, it is important that your ad campaign make a strong first impression. You might try associating this new item with an A-list celebrity, or you might open with a clever joke. You might also go on a serious hallucinogen bender right before deadline and come up with this Snickers' spot for their new peanut-infused, sugar-based snack product. It's fun to get outside the constraints of reality now and again, isn't it?

At first glance, sharks and humans have almost nothing in common. Sharks swim in the ocean and are ruthless killing machines. Humans, on the other hand, live on land and produce collateral damage and reasonable losses. But one thing humans and sharks can both get down on are some goddamn Snickers peanut butter cubes. Of course, these mini chocolate-peanut-butter morsels must be top-notch if the flavor comes through in the human flesh of a helpless snack fan thrust into a boardroom full of equally snack-loving sharks.

This ad is, unlike most that have attempted it, a case of anthropomorphism gone terribly right; showcasing just how similar we really are to the stealth ninjas of the sea. Perhaps Snickers can help us pave the way to harmony with all the rest of our fellow creatures here on earth, though the scarcity of resources for Snickers-making will most likely prove otherwise, and given the choice, we'd slaughter every last shark on earth to keep stockpiles of those tasty treats to ourselves. They may have sharp teeth, but we have guns and explosives. They may feel entitled, but it was humans who invented Snickers, and therefore we hold rightful claim to their peanut-butter-filled offspring.

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