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Stupid ad of the week: Stimorol's endless grocery store hell

Advertising is all around us -- and thanks to the Internet, we can see all the weird stuff other countries are doing -- telling us what to value and how to act, offering us insight on how to be better human beings (wink), or just making us laugh at ourselves or other cultures. Sometimes these ads, however, are rather misguided, creating a world that makes their product seem more creepy than desirable. Case in point, Stimorol's Infinity gum, which, upon eating, sends the masticator into an endless feedback loop at his local grocery.

In the beginning, things are already a little weird, the South African accent being just slightly off from what we know, and the guy seems a little aggro asking the nice lady about the gum: Like, what's his beef? But by the end you realize this is just his desperate attempt to find some answers to the purgatory he has inadvertently fallen into.

Of course, they want us to think their gum lasting long is a good thing, but it comes off as their gum will trap you in a place of abundant and delicious food where all you can do is walk around confused, chewing gum, forever. In other words, Stimorol gum, which already sounds like some medicine for a painful condition -- which you'd have to administer rectally -- will trap you in an eternal Sisyphean torment with no hope of escape. It's Infinity, try some.

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Ben Dayton
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