Stupid pool tricks: Your moment of lulz

Maybe it's the the perpetual heat stroke-induced daze, but there's something about summer that causes people to do things that are even dumber than the stuff they normally do. Case in point, this video, wherein a young man who probably needs more to do with his time ends up smacking face-first into the side of a large inflatable pool after flubbing a trick that probably would have been even dumber if successful. Ah, boredom.

While it doesn't necessarily make failure any less funny, failing while trying to do something ambitious at least commands a little respect. Of that, none shall go to this kid -- jumping off a bucket? It's actually kind of lucky that he did fuck it up, or this video itself would probably experience crippling ennui and then shoot itself with a gun.

Besides the mildly disturbing suckling noise the pool makes when he collides with it, probably the weirdest thing about this scene is the complete lack of reaction that takes place after said collision: The guy off to the side continues texting or whatever he's doing, the guy filming just continues filming -- even the guy who just got spanked by a comically squishy inanimate object just crumples like a cheap suit and lies there, as if to say, well, that's all the movement I had in me today -- might as well take a nap.

Nothing better to do.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.