Sucked In

Even if you don't care for the acrobatics and artsy-fartsy interpretive dance that goes into something like Cirque du Soleil, you may be inexplicably drawn to Theatre of the Vampires, showing tonight and tomorrow night at 8 p.m. in Macky Auditorium at the University of Colorado at Boulder. For starters, it's PG-13 and loaded with monsters, blood, murder, moral struggle and campy humor. "It's Ann Rice meets Rocky Horror meets Cirque du Soleil," says Nancy Smith, artistic director of Frequent Flyer Productions.

Vampires is the story of an American journalist, Jennifer Popple, arriving in Paris to do a story on the Theatre of the Vampires — an undead theater company pretending to be mortals while playing vampires on stage — and getting "sucked into the show" by the emcee. During the course of a rehearsal, she witnesses an overzealous immortally challenged wannabe transform, through interpretive dance, into a bloodsucker. Then the flipping-and-flying vampires put on a variety show for the audience as Popple decides the fate of her mortality. "It's sexy, creepy and campy," says Smith. "It's a good time whether you go out with your friends or with a date. People come in costumes. It's fun with a few little surprises."

Macky Auditorium is at 17th Street and University Avenue. Tickets range from $13 to $39; VIP tickets ($69) include parking, a decadent dessert prior to the show, killer seats, a private beer-tasting at intermission and a chance to meet the cast. For more information, go to
Oct. 31-Nov. 1, 8 p.m., 2007

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Mark Dragotta