Sugar Bakeshop launches letter-writing campaign with a party this Wednesday

With so much of our waking life consumed by the busywork of e-mails, texts and tweet-only communication, it's hard to remember that once upon a time, connecting with other humans didn't involve anything electronic. What would happen if we stepped back into that time for just a moment, and actually wrote out our thoughts? Sugar Bakeshop not only encourages this pen-to-paper activity, it wants to facilitate it with a series of letter-writing parties that the bakery and coffee house will be throwing in the new year. The first is this Wednesday.

From 3 to 8 p.m., the shop will have pens and paper (and a typewriter, too!) available for anyone interested in coming in and writing a love letter to that special someone -- or perhaps just penning a missive to share with a stranger. This campaign for the written word doesn't have to involve long and thought-out prose; short notes and jokes are just fine, too. The shop will be dropping -- or rather, strategically placing -- envelopes filled with messages throughout the city, if you want to come in and create an anonymous missive for someone to find.

"The whole concept is that it doesn't have to be wordy," says Sugar Bakeshop owner Natalie Slevin. "You can draw a picture or write a joke -- whatever form of communication you choose -- and let fate connect you with someone."

This month's theme is love, of course, but there are no rules for content: Slevin just hopes to get people back into the spirit of writing, while connecting the community in a tangible way. The idea for the project came from the bakery's own daily process: Everything at Sugar Bakeshop is made from scratch, so why not take that notion and build some friendships the old-fashioned way?

The shop's rotating selection of fresh-baked cupcakes, muffins and other sublime sweets will be on hand for purchase during the party; paper and other writing supplies will be available to for those who want to participate. The shop plans for the letter-writing campaign to be an ongoing project, so you don't have to wait for the party to do the write thing; just stop in anytime during business hours.

For more information on Sugar Bakeshop and its letter-writing campaign, go to www.sugar-bakeshop.com.

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