Summer Guide 2012: Film on the Rocks

Some things -- such as the growing trend of fried butter on a stick -- are surreal in a terrible way, while others can be surreal in a fantastic way. Watching movies outdoors definitely qualifies in the latter category, but most drive-in movie theaters have gone the way of the VCR. While the seats at Red Rocks, Denver's ultimate half-nature/half-domesticated venue, probably aren't as cozy as those in your car, the view is definitely better than the one through your windshield.

And the chance to simultaneously enjoy fresh air and the cinema, with the bonus of local bands as the warm-up act, lures appreciative crowds -- often sell-out crowds -- up to Morrison for Film on the Rocks, the almost-weekly movie event that runs through August.

FOTR audiences are significantly less stressed than those at your typical multiplex, with its over-stimulating, stab-you-in-the-eyeballs-with-product-logos vibe; the night sky, cold beer and narcotic effect of Red Rocks acclivity chills out 9-to-5ers who've escaped the city.

And this year's movie selections are the perfect collection of cinematic comfort food, from the ab-busting, rolling-on-the-ground hilarity of Bridesmaids (July 10, with music by Land Lines) and Tropic Thunder (June 18, A. Tom Collins, Ishe) to the (relative) cultural nutrients of Spirited Away (August 13, with Meiko) and Awesome: I Fuckin Shot That! (August 20, with School of Rock). This is the ideal antidote for manicMonday (with the exception of Bridesmaids, which shows on a Tuesday), and at just ten bucks a head (with free parking), Film on the Rocks won't leave you feeling like a tapeworm just crawled into your wallet.

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This story originally appeared in the 2012 Westword Summer Guide, which you can pick up on newsstands now. And you can also find complete Westword Summer 2012 event listings here.

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