Summer guide: The Denver County Fair is about to blow other county fairs away

Yesterday, we brought you the news that Devo is set to headline the Denver County Fair -- good news for anyone inclined shape it up/get it straight/move forward/move ahead. But there will also be about one million other things to do at the Fair, plus other fairs to go to, weird-ass attractions to see and way more than we can list here to milk every last ounce of good times and memories out of the supple teat of the dog days -- for that, take a gander at our 2011 Summer Guide. And if you want to know more about the crown jewel of this year's summer -- the Denver County Fair, of course -- what to expect there and how it came to be, be sure to read our Summer Guide Feature: After Years of False Starts, the Denver County Fair is Making its Debut! However much you regret the decisions you make this summer, you won't regret reading it.
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Jef Otte
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