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Denver Film Society Announces Ninth Year of Summer Scream

Denver Film Society supporters enjoying Summer Scream.
Denver Film Society supporters enjoying Summer Scream. Kenneth Hamblin III
Summer Scream, the Denver Film Society's annual takeover of historic Lakeside Amusement Park, is celebrating its ninth anniversary this year. At 6 p.m. Thursday, August 29, local cinephiles and thrill seekers alike will flock to Lakeside for an evening of unlimited rides, open bars and after-hours fun.

According to sometime Westword contributor and arts champion Bree Davies, Summer Scream is "like a weird childhood fantasy come true. There are no adults around to tell you what you can and can't do, rides are open-season, and there is the impending feeling of awesome doom for that moment when you might get caught."

But all this frolicking by the lake isn't pure amusement: Proceeds from the event support year-round Denver Film Society programming. That means promoting "film as both an art form and a civic forum," the DFS website notes. Proceeds also go toward programming and running the Sie FilmCenter, the Denver Film Festival, Film on the Rocks, and a series of lectures, events and mini-fests year-round.

Summer Scream is currently offering a four-pack of tickets for $125. They will be available until August, when individual tickets, priced at $40 each, will replace the four-pack option. If you're a supporter of local arts, a lover of cinema or a fan of great parties, buying now is a no-brainer; use this link.
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