Sunday Super Funday

Ben Roethlisberger marches the Steelers 78 yards in eight plays to connect with Santonio Holmes in the end zone. Saints cornerback Tracy Porter intercepts Peyton Manning and runs 74 yards for a touchdown. Eli Manning lofts a game-winning thirteen-yard pass to Plaxico Burress. These are some of the greatest moments in recent Super Bowl history, and the Packers vs. Steelers matchup should be a good one as well.

So, where will you be when this year's big play happens? If you're partying at home, you'll probably be in the kitchen, cooking and cleaning. Catch that big play instead at the Soiled Dove Underground in Lowry, which is hosting the Ultimate Super Bowl Party 2011. Starting today at 3:30 p.m., enjoy an all-you-can-eat buffet, all-you-can-drink Bud and Bud Light drafts and well drinks, three oversized projection screens, a squares pool, raffle prizes every quarter and a grand prize at the end.

"We're so much more comfortable than a bar," says Helen Wood, director of marketing for the Tavern Hospitality Group, which owns the Dove, 7401 East First Avenue. “And we do all the work." In addition to the main space, there are two private areas with seating for sixty people that are available for no extra charge.

Admission is $40 per person. For more information, call 303-830-9214 or go to
Sun., Feb. 6, 3:30 p.m., 2011

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Mark Dragotta

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