Take a Peak

In the year and a half since Johnny Copp died on China’s Mount Edgar, Aimee Copp has been both supported and inspired by the community her brother helped create — and she’s stayed busy doing everything she can to carry his dream to new heights. “This year’s a new chapter,” Copp says. “My brother was so good at bringing this amazing community of climbers, adventurers, film-makers, artists and activists together, and this transition year has helped me appreciate the fullness of what he’d achieved and what he put in motion. Our family wants to make sure the festival he created survives and thrives, and that his legacy lives on by continuing to inspire new adventures.” And so the sixth annual 2010 Adventure Film Festival, which starts today and runs through Saturday, features a series of screenings and filmmakers’ workshops that support Johnny Copp’s motto: “Make your own legends.” This year’s fest will also include the presenta-tion of the inaugural Copp-Dash Inspire Awards — grants for alpine-style climbing expeditions and first ascents — which will be docu-mented for future adventure films as Copp and his climbing partner, Micah Dash, might have done. Also on the agenda is the presenta-tion of the first Johnny Copp Award, which will go to Pete Takeda, Abbey Smith, Mick Follari and Jason Kehl, the Zanskar Odyssey team that climbed the Shafat Fortress in the Indian Himalayas last year and spread Copp’s ashes there. The 25 programs are divided between the Boulder Theater, REI Boulder, Patagonia and Neptune Mountaineering; go to www.adventurefilm.org for a full schedule and tickets.
Nov. 18-20, 2010
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