Take on the big questions at Sunday School for Atheists...on Thursday

So. What's the deal with religion? Do we have it? Do we need it? Are we slaves to it? What's moral, and what's immoral? When Warm Cookies of the Revolution's bastard child, Sunday School for Atheists, is called to order, everything is fair game. That's right: Evan Weissman's civic health club, which draws people together in public places to talk about random stuff, has an offshoot devoted to questions of faith...or lack of it.

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This week, the Sunday School will meet -- on a Thursday -- for discourse on the topic of "Obedience" and, as Weissman notes, "This is for everyone! (Recovering Catholics, 'Spiritual but not Religious,' Evangelicals, Atheist Jews, Mormon Bicyclists, Amateur Philosophers, Circus Performers, Muslim Accountants, Plumbers, people who read 'The Secret,' and Snake Handlers...yes, Snake Handlers!)" That means YOU.

There's advance homework involved: You'll want to watch an assigned video and/or read an article in order to be prepared to talk about what's right and what's wrong in these modern times.

Guest speakers Chad Kautzer (professor of philosophy at the University of Colorado-Denver), Garett Reppenhagen (Vet Voice Foundation and Iraq War veteran) and Anna Holland-Edwards and Erica Grossman (Guantanamo Bay detainee lawyers) will fuel the discussion. As always, admission is free, and milk and cookies will be served. Gather at 6 p.m. May 23 at the McNichols Building; visit the Facebook event page for information.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.