Reader: I Can Vote for or Against Actors With My Paycheck
Tyee Tilghman

Reader: I Can Vote for or Against Actors With My Paycheck

The kneeling controversy in pro football has become political theater, and the curtain's about to rise on another act at today's games. Meanwhile, some actual actors have joined the discussion, including former Denver performer Tyee Tilghman, who took a knee during the curtain call at the end of his current show, Skeleton Crew, at the Studio Theatre in Washington, D.C. But some readers aren't applauding. Says Stephen: 

Oh, puleez!! The world is becoming a big Jerry Springer show.

Adds Bill: 

Becoming fond of the saying "Suicide by Trump," which is exactly what the NFL players are doing. Actors who want to degrade themselves (further than they've already done, that is) join in. We can boycott you just as well as we boycott the NFL and Monsanto.

I can vote for or against actors with my paycheck. Pay to watch movies and shows, or stay home and read a book instead. Think I'll read.

Concludes Mark: 

Hollywood, you can use it to build a Nation, entertain a nation... or you can incite unrest and cause a nuclear civil war with it. Your choice?

What do you think of the kneeling controversy?

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