Talk dirty to me: Erotic Spoken Word

Time to graduate from Fabio-embossed bodice-rippers and your dog-eared library copy of Lady Chatterley's Lover: Join your fellow Denverites as they whip out their favorite dirty reads when the Center for Sex Positive Culture joins forces with Smitten Kitten (70 Broadway) to host their first Erotic Spoken Word night, tonight at 8 p.m. Think storytime for consenting adults. From the Smitten Kitten calendar:

Read a few pages from one of your favorite smutty stories, or present something that you yourself have written. Either way, be prepared to hear some graphic, eloquent, silly, touching (pun intended), raunchy, sweet and plain ol' sexy stories! Come one, come all; regardless of sexual or gender orientation. We are a welcoming, safe and inclusive space!

And if you've never done this sort of thing before, if the very thought of saying those kinds of words out loud makes you blush and your heart beat faster... you are ESPECIALLY encouraged to participate!

The event is free, but a suggested donation of $5 goes to help CSPC host yet more sex-positive events in the Boulder and Denver metro area. "People should be able to show up the night of and read," says CSPC co-president Rachel Carlisle, "But we are asking folks to sign up to secure a seat." Smart idea -- Smitten Kitten isn't huge. E-mail the CSPC (with the subject line "Erotic Spoken Word") to reserve a spot, and they will set aside three to five minutes for you to read whatever your heart nether regions desire.

It's sure to be proof positive of the different strokes that turn on different folks, and you could walk away with new one-handed inspiration or a volume to add to your sticky under-the-mattress library. Better yet, take pride that you really do read them for the articles. Move those books to the coffee table; your guests will appreciate the conversation-starter.

If DIY helps turn your crank, aspiring erotica authors can also get in on the CSPC's erotica writing group that meets the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month; e-mail for details.

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