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Who knew? Golden-based Fulcrum Publishing is the largest independent book house in Colorado, and its output includes hundreds of titles geared to readers in the West: From xeriscape gardening to hitting the trails, Fulcrum's drawn a bead on Colorado interests without an ounce of help from the big publishing firms back East.

This year, with an eye toward increasing local recognition, the company will swing open its doors for the first-ever Fulcrum Publishing Holiday Warehouse Sale, taking place from 9 to 5 Saturday, November 16, at its Denver distribution center, 4425 East 46th Avenue. And holiday shoppers are in for a treat: The old "something for everyone" adage will rule the day at this sale, notes Fulcrum vice president Dianne Howie, uncovering the real secret to the publisher's success: diversity, in spades.

"People tend to think book publishing is a sexy business," Howie says. "This is a way to get behind the scenes and see how it really works. We see it as sort of a face-forward opportunity to interface with the general public and maybe get some feedback." And as a thank-you to that public, every Fulcrum title will be on sale at discounts from ten to 75 percent, including popular travel and trail guides focusing on everything Coloradan, from hiking the Fourteeners to the best in small-town dining.

You'll also find Colorado horticulturist Lauren Springer's best-selling book The Undaunted Garden; Vine Deloria's controversial Evolution, Creationism and Other Modern Myths; science-oriented picture books for kids and other educational resources for teachers; 2003 gardening calendars; the award-winning memoir Growing Up True, by Colorado native Craig Barnes; a new collection of women's writings on the West; a winery guide; Six-Legged Sex: The Erotic Lives of Bugs; and more.

One more thing: Howie says Fulcrum's staff is ready and eager to show off their well-kept facility. "Our warehouse guys do a marvelous job keeping the place spick and span," she says.

From all appearances, it should be a certified clean sweep. For details, call 303-277-1623 or log on to

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