Talking Shop

It’s quintessential Colfax: Nestled between a head shop and a boutique selling wigs, Sompong’s Beads & Jewelry appears small from the outside. But its contents belie its appearance. Walking in the door, you’re assaulted by rainbows of beads — strings containing every shape, size and color of bead draping the walls, shallow boxes of sorted beads, mannequin décolletage sporting exquisite beaded necklace designs.

In short, there’s everything you need to create your own fabulous piece of jewelry — and that’s just the front room. Walk down a hallway toward the back and there’s another long room stuffed with even more beads and beaded designs, and behind that is a workroom/classroom where proprietress Sompong Payne hosts classes on how to create some of the beautiful works arrayed throughout the store.

Payne is a Thailand native who’s been making jewelry for fifteen hears; her passion for beads and beaded jewelry led her to open this Lakewood bead mecca. She collects beads from all over the world (along with various jewelry styles you won’t find anywhere else) and prices them at a steal; she even regularly offers discounts on the (already cheap) strands. Sompong’s Beads & Jewelry is open daily at 8791 West Colfax Avenue in Lakewood; call 303-232-1811.
March 23-31, 2009

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