Tara Rynders's You & Me performance becomes a documentary

Back in April, dancer

Tara Rynders produced You & Me, a two-day, multi-artist performance piece

that took place in and around her Denver home. As the final part in the completion of her MFA in dance and video performance from the University of Colorado at Boulder, Rynders set up the series as a way to explore the intimacy between the artist and audience. Now, in collaboration with friend and filmmaker Drummond West,

You & Me

is becoming a documentary.

"Every artist really believed in the evening and took ownership in what they were creating," Rynders says of the performances' success. "And because of this, the guests went there as well, investing themselves in the experience completely."

Rynders also says that the post-show response has been extremely positive, and that in all of her years performing, she has never received so many expressions of gratitude from those involved. Once the documentary is finished, Rynders and West would like to submit You & Me to the Sundance Film Festival and share the experience with a larger audience.

You & Me Trailer from MOND Entertainment on Vimeo.

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