Telemark World Cup comes to Keystone

Psst. Want to see some hardcore racers? How about racers who are ripping lines at high speed on non-releasable bindings, dropping the knee in a telemark turn at Mach 10? You'll have a chance this weekend when the Telemark World Cup makes a stop at Keystone. The event will be held Thursday, February 25 through Sunday, February 28.

Racers will be competing on the Go Devil trail, first in classic races, which include Giant Slalom, jumps, and skating portions, on Thursday and Friday, then in Giant Slalom races on Saturday and Sunday. Over 30 competitors from Europe and Japan are expected to join 20 Americans, including current Junior World Champion Drew Hauser, who grew up training at Keystone. Boulder's Eric Lamb should also be competing in the event, along with several other top U.S. racers.

The World Cup is more a classic FIS race, differing from the freeskiing-like Telemark Extreme Championships which will be held next month in Crested Butte. There is both a men's and women's comp.

Check out this video of a Telemark World Cup video, and then head up to Keystone to cheer on the locals. You can either line the course or view the race from the Mountain House.

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