Tell Your Story at the Moth Mainstage in Denver This Month

The Moth is coming to Denver! The internationally beloved, true-stories-told-live-on-stage-without-notes series will host a Moth Mainstage event (the theme is "When Worlds Collide") on Tuesday, September 30, at the Paramount Theatre. And it needs one more storyteller -- a local one -- to join the four others who'll be standing up to share pieces of their lives.

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"We have a pitch hotline where anyone in the world can call and leave a two-minute synopsis of the story they want to tell," explains "When Worlds Collide" director Sarah Austin Jenness.

The number is 877-799-6684; there's also a spot on themoth.org where potential storytellers can record their pitches. Staff will listen to your tales until they find one that resonates.

Make sure to note that you're from Denver when you tell your story on the pitchline or use the online tool. But do it soon: The Moth will select its Denver representative within a few days, and then work with the selected storyteller to develop the story and then tell it live on stage September 30.

By the way, the organization accepts pitches throughout the year, whether or not it's hosting a Mainstage in town, so don't let a deadline stop you from telling your story...

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.