Ten of the dumbest things you can buy on the Internet

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10. Baby Mop This innovative product allows you to keep your floors clean while also being a great parent. The Baby Mop is actually a piece of clothing that you dress the baby in, with bristles attached. As your child moves around on the floor in this outfit, they pick up dust and trash in a way that no other mop could. If you're not worried about germs and believe in child labor, buy the Baby Mop today!

9. Female Urination Funnel Even in today's modern world, women face obstacles. Less than a hundred years ago, women were finally allowed to vote -- and today they still have to sit down to use the restroom. Unless they buy the Female Urination Funnel, which gives women the independence to say, "I want to stand up when I pee!" Ladies, get off that dirty old toilet seat and make your way to the to the men. 8. Gun Holster Wallet If you're like many Americans, you have the intense urge to exercise your Second Amendment rights -- but now Colorado has those pesky gun laws. Still, you can feel like a true American with the Gun Holster Wallet. If you want to get a rise out of a 7/Eleven clerk, be sure to reach for this wallet when it's time to pay.

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Noah Reynolds