Ten of the dumbest things you can buy on the Internet

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7. Human Fetus Soap One of the greatest gifts in life is that of life itself. Now you can hold the gift of life in your hand -- while you wash in the shower! The Human Fetus Soap allows you to connect with a fake fetus, getting the feel for what it's like to have another human's life in your hands...and making sure you smell good at the same time. 6. Truck Nuts Far too often, men who own $50,000 pickup trucks aren't able to truly express their masculinity. A man's pickup is his paradise, his escape and his home -- but buying tricked-out tires and putting a painting of an eagle on the back window may not be enough. But Truck Nuts offer a unique chance for drivers to show off their balls. 5. Hidden Bladder Flask Most people enjoy an adult beverage, but it's "inappropriate" to drink alcohol in certain places, such as a one-year-old's birthday party, a funeral and at most churches. You can try to hide booze in a flask, but that's not very discreet. But with the Hidden Bladder Flask, you can put the party in your pants! When you're in need of a stiff one, pull out the spigot and fire away.

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Noah Reynolds