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Ten things to do for $10 this weekend, August 3-5, 2012

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Things Drawn on Wood at the Meadowlark (Friday, free) It's always fun to see art somewhere outside of a gallery, and you can do just that tonight at the Meadowlark. Get a drink and enjoy the work of Courtney Burrows this evening. The art is described as pairing "a sense of naive discovery with the cold disillusionment of adulthood, creating a series rich with stark wonder," so it's sure to be an intriguing evening.

Sh%ts & Giggles at Local 46 (Friday, free) It's not often you can sit on art. But that's what this entire show is full of: toilet seats that have been transformed into unique pieces by over thirty tattoo artists, illustrators, and painters. Bid for your favorites -- with all proceeds going to benefit the Action Center -- and take home your new throne.

Colorado Brazil Fest (Friday-Saturday, $10 per workshop) Get your fill of dancing, music, and Brazilian culture at this festival, which is sure to be something a little different. Listen to music, eat tons of delicious food, and of course, dance out all your worries while doing the samba.

Rocky Mountain Book & Paper Fair at the Denver Merchandise Mart (Friday-Saturday, $10) Celebrate the printed word this weekend by supporting books and the people who love them. The Rocky Mountain Book & Paper Fair will host an amazing array of printed items as well as panel discussions that fit into the theme of "Books Into Film." It's a perfect way to spend the day browsing the antiques, picking up new reads, and supporting this beautiful, often endangered medium.

We Bought a Zoo at Prairie Sky Park (Friday, free) For your outdoor movie this weekend, Lone Tree is hosting the Camerone Crowe family flick We Bought a Zoo in the park. The film is basically what you would expect from the title; watch as Matt Damon moves his family to the country and embarks on reopening a zoo. Plus, there will be a petting zoo in the park beforehand so you can experience the live animals for yourself before the film begins.

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