Ten things to do for $10 this weekend, February 3-5, 2012

The mounds of snow aside, there's plenty to do this weekend, whether or not you care about beefy dudes throwing a ball around. Yes, the Super Bowl is happening. But so are a bunch of equally exciting events that will happen despite the blizzard. We've got: A drunken spelling bee, a beatnik's birthday, night skating and much more on tap for this weekend. And you won't have to drop more than $10 on any of it. For our full guide of events, head over to the Westword calendar. Lunch Break at the Dikeou Collection Pop-Up Space (Friday, free) Start the weekend off early with modern art at lunchtime with the Dikeou Collection's Pop-Up Space. The gallery is currently featuring an installation by Nils Folke Anderson, so you can run over on your lunch break and view the art while you eat food from Route 40 Argentine Grille. It's bound to be way better than eating a Lean Cuisine and staring at your computer.

Tigalo Block Party: Grand Opening Edition at 51-59 Broadway (Friday, free) Celebrating the new locations of Buffalo Exchange and Fancy Tiger on South Broadway, go down and toast that you can now shop at both clothing stores on the same block. With a set from electronic artist Real Magic as well as DJs, giveaways, and drinks throughout the night, the Tigalo Block Party is a good place to pick up some new digs and party.

Neal Cassady Birthday Bash at the Mercury Cafe (Friday, free) Hey kids, good news! If Neal Cassady's any example, you can drop out of high school, do lots of drugs and partying, and still be awarded an honorary diploma from East High School. At least, that's what the Denver school is doing for the famous Beat icon, and the Mercury Cafe will celebrate that as well as his birthday tonight with music by David Amram and Janet Feder and toasts by faculty from Naropa University's Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics. Seriously though, just kidding. Stay in school. Music. Art. Fashion. Coffee. at Studio 12 Gallery (Friday, free) There are plenty of art openings every first Friday, but this will definitely be one not to miss, especially since it'll only be up for a week. A diverse array of mediums, from wood work by Heather DeLonga to portraits by Marcus Renninger, to Jewelry and Fashion from Elyse Rainbolt will mark this event. Plus, there will be tons of gourmet coffee from Black Black Coffee to energize you as you run around between openings.

Fever Pitch at the Meadowlark Bar (Friday, free) Analog Space is presenting this new dance party, which features the DJ stylings of Stephen Barnes, Narky Stares, Luis 'Werq', Peter Black, and Mu$a, all DJs known for getting folks off the side and onto the dance floor. The night's aim is uniting the community, so expect a wide variety of genres and dancers from all different walks of Denver life.

Evergreen Winter Festival at Evergreen Lake (Saturday, $10)

This full day fest at Evergreen Lake has every winter thing you could ever want: snow sculptures, ice skating, sleigh rides, and tons more. It's all free during the day, and then at night (for $10) the fireworks, DJ sets, and live music by local favorite Sauna come out. What could be better than night skating while you listen to Sauna's "Croctopus"? Nothing.

Free Day at the Denver Art Museum (Saturday, free) The DAM's free days are a great opportunity to browse the collections as well as see the temporary exhibitions, which include Gary Winogrand's Women Are Beautiful, Ed Ruscha's On the Road, and much more. And it's free today. Don't miss out.

Spelling Bee(r) Boozing for Books at The Matchbox (Saturday) Spelling bees aren't what they used to be. Thank God. Now instead of standing awkwardly in front of your middle school classmates, Boozing for Books is adding beer to the whole competition to soften the anxiety of the event. All the money raised goes toward Burning Through Pages, a Denver organization committed to introducing new literature to Denver youth. If the free beer doesn't entice you, maybe the prospect of finally making up for that time in fourth grade when you spelled "satellite" wrong will.

Mid-Winter Punk Film Fest at Yellow Feather Coffee (Saturday, $1) This music-themed film fest kicks off tonight with The Day the Country Died, an anarcho-punk documentary chronicling early '80s bands like Subhumans, Crass, and Hit Parade. With the cozy Yellow Feather Coffee atmosphere, you can grab a latte, sit back, and learn about the rockers of the past. The very punk entry price of $1 is just another bonus. Free Day at the Denver Zoo (Sunday, free) The Denver Zoo is often, well, a zoo on free days, but we're hoping that since this one is coinciding with the Super Bowl, it'll be a little less crowed than usual. See the big cats, the aviary, and the elephants to avoid the big game. After all, otters playing are a lot cuter than grown men in helmets.

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