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Ten things to do for $10 this weekend, May 18-20, 2012

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Mindpool 2012 at NEXT Gallery (Friday, free) This curated group show at NEXT Gallery showcases art that comes from inspiration rather than a carefully calculated place. Featuring art of all mediums, the thread that ties them all together is the devotion to letting the muse carry the art into unexpected, surprising places. Go to peruse the beautiful art and get inspired.

Bike Prom at Denver Wheel Club 404 (Friday, $10) Jealous of seeing all those fancy teenagers getting out of limos at the Cheesecake Factory en route to prom? Now's your chance to relive those awkward high school experience -- minus the curfew and on two wheels. Dress up for the Jocks vs. Nerds theme in your best letter-man jacket or taped-together glasses, hop on your bike, and support BikeDenver at this cycling event.

Poetry Reading at the Dikeou Collection (Friday, free) Events held among the giant pink bunnies at the Dikeou Collection are consistently awesome, and those fun evenings will continue with this poetry reading tonight. Poets Dan Beachy-Quick, Yanara Friedland and Robert Snyderman will read from their work while you take in the amazing, art-filled atmosphere.

Cora Vette's Woodie at Bar Standard (Friday, $10) Burlesque maven Cora Vette will break out the surf tunes at this month's Black Box Burlesque, creating the perfect saucy striptease to usher us into summer. From a naughty "Good Vibrations" to a sassy "Little Grass Shack," the evening is sure to be a blast that will end in glittery pasties.

Pink Party at the Meadowlark (Saturday, $5) Don your pink party dresses and pink shirts for the aptly-titled Pink Party tonight at the Meadowlark, which will feature people dressed in all things, well, pink. DJ group The Blend, which will span genres and get people on the floor. DJs Hoang, Sami T, Ryel K, and Brick Lee will bring out the danceworthy tunes (and don't worry, it won't be all Pink Floyd and Pink). We're hoping for Prince's "Pink Cashmere."

More things to do this weekend for less than $10 are on the next page.

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