The Yeti comes alive tonight.
The Yeti comes alive tonight.
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Ten Things to Do in Denver for $10 or Less (Seven Free), November 18-20

There's plenty to be distracted by this weekend, but here are our ten favorite events under $10 that are sure to feature lots of beer, laughs and tasty chili. Check out the Westword calendar for more.

Find out where to get those cool hats at Local 46 today.
Find out where to get those cool hats at Local 46 today.
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National Yeti Day Celebration
Great Divide Barrel Bar
5 p.m. Friday, free

To close out Yeti Awareness Week, swing by the Barrel Bar to experience all kinds of goodies associated with one of its finest creations, Yeti Imperial Stout. Enjoy Yeti-flavored cupcakes, hot chocolate, ice cream, special cheese pairings and giveaways. The Yeti pours are only $4 and will be available in ten variations.

Dirty Doodles Night
Grandma's House
6 p.m. Friday, free

The tables of Grandma's House will be lined with drawing paper and supplies so you can let your gutter-mind creations fly. Grab a beer, sit down with some like-minded folks, and doodle away.

Jt Habersaat
Comedy RoomRoom at El Charrito
7 p.m. Friday, $5-$8

He hosts The Road Podcast twice a week, inked a book, and tours the country with punk bands as a supporting act — not to mention having been on bills with comedic greats like Brian Posehn and Janeane Garofalo. Now you can see Jt Habersaat in Denver; catch some laughs with this dude at an intimate space while you still have the chance.

Denver Pancakes & Booze Art Show
City Hall
8 p.m. Friday, $5-$10

Imagine going to a museum filled with warm, fluffy pancakes and loosey-goosey libations, and you have this unique show, which will also showcase graffiti, sculptures, body painting, mixed media and more. The DJs will pump the jams so you can dance, too. Tickets are $5 at the door. Snag $10 VIP tickets online.

Midnight Madness - Fantastic Planet
Landmark Esquire
11:59 p.m. Friday-Saturday, $9

Get some ideas for political rebellion from this circa 1970s classic from French director René Laloux about enslaved humans from a faraway planet. The surreal planet-scapes are highlighted by a brilliant jazz score, to boot.

National Local Comic Shop Day 2016
Mutiny Information Cafe
11 a.m. Saturday, free

Celebrate National Local Comic Shop Day with our favorite local cartoonists over at Mutiny. Meet local creators like Melanie Gillman, Alan Brooks, Zak Kinsella and many more. Grab some comics for your holiday shopping list, then stick around for a special set of readings from the Blacktail Collective around 5 p.m.

The Collusionist Pop-Up Shop
Local 46
1 p.m. Saturday, free

Another way to get a jump on your holiday shopping is by grabbing a beer at Local 46 and checking out the goods from Camilla & Pip, Purpose and Pine, Worthy, I Get Down and The Collusionist Crate.

Sexpot Comedy Presents: Joke and Tell #5
Comedy RoomRoom at El Charrito
7 p.m. Saturday, free

One of the things missing from adult life is show and tell; it used to be a way to stunt on your classmates with your new football or stellar rock collection. Fortunately for us, the folks from Sexpot have decided to bring it back. Local comics like Janae Burris, Miriam Moreno and many more will host an adult version at El Charrito.

Mozart's Denver Grand Opening
Mozart's Denver
8 p.m. Saturday, free

As our city changes, we continue to lose many a classic dive bar. Mozart's, in the Mayfair neighborhood, has had a long history of opening and closing, but it's returning (hopefully for good this time) with a restored original sign and a grand-opening party. Check out the classic dive and (re)discover a new place to grab a drink.

'Tis the season to serve up chili.
'Tis the season to serve up chili.
Lori Midson

3rd Annual Chain Reaction Chili Cook Off
Chain Reaction Brewing
Noon Sunday, free

Our Broncos will be taking the day off, so get out in the kitchen and whip up your best chili recipe to bring down to Chain Reaction for a cook-off. Celebrity judges will decide the winners of the red, green and veggie chilies, and prizes will also be offered to the most exotic and experimental chili. Grab a printed shirt while you're at it to remember the day. Chili,craft beer and live tunes: That's a hell of a Sunday.

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