Ten Things to Do in Denver for $10 or Less (Seven Free), September 2-5

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Feral First Friday Film Series - Drawn
Feral Mountain Co.
8 p.m. Friday, free

The final installment of Feral's summer film series will feature artist and rock climber Jeremy Collins, who's searching for answers to the meaning of life — and for perfect lines up the sides of mountains. Bring a chair and some beverages to maximize your experience.
  FISE World Series
Denver Performing Arts Complex Sculpture Park
10 a.m. Saturday-Monday, free

A huge BMX and skateboard contest is bringing international athletes to Denver this weekend. Take a stroll downtown and see skaters and riders hitting the park installed at Sculpture Park. But if you want to make sure you catch the best action, first check out the FISE schedule.

Sexpot Comedy Presents Good Cop, Bud Cop in Boulder with Geoff Tate & Emma Arnold
License No. 1
6 p.m. Saturday, $5

A couple of quality comedians are coming to Boulder this evening, one a bee keeper and the other a serious Cheers enthusiast. Geoff Tate hangs out with Doug Benson a lot, and so does Emma Arnold, who's also an author and mother of six. This odd couple is guaranteed to get you giggling; find your $5 tickets here
Denver SneakerFest
Timbers Hotel
11 a.m. Sunday, $10

Some people spend money on their family or their dog, while others just splurge on sneakers. This festival will be full of all kinds of expensive, rare, rad and fly sneakers. Buy, sell or trade and get your after-summer looks in line. 

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