Tender moments: A little girl catches her parents having sex

Besides having the unlikely ability to simultaneously engage in tennis and espionage, dispensing sage life advice to Theo and Rudy and and being a formidable expert in Jell-O, Bill Cosby knew a thing or two about kids saying the darndest things -- but even old Cliff Huxtable might be surprised by this little girl's candor. Egged on by none other than the man she caught -- her father -- she tells the story of how she caught her parents en flagrante, and it's pretty hilarious.

Not that she needs an excessive amount of encouragement -- like all little kids, the second she gets a laugh, she starts hamming it up. And while most little kid jokes get old after roughly the second telling, this one is good enough to carry more than half the video. Then, just when it's starting to wear thin, the girl ups the ante with a well-placed simile to beat most well placed similes: "Daddy screamed like a girl," and then demonstrates by howling like an injured cat.

And if we didn't admire this guy enough for having the balls to interview his little girl about catching him having sex and then posting it on the internet, he seals the deal by getting a fantastic one in right before the end: "I can't believe this. I bet my daughter knows my name."

Well played, sir. Well played.

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Jef Otte
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